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      Neil Goeppinger

      This great museum is in Apolda, about 3/4 of the way from Leipzig to Erfurt on route 87 in the former east part of Germany. This town had a church bell foundry, sometimes more than one, from 1722 until 1988 so there was a great local interest in bells. The museum’s really strong area is early church bells (1400’s on). For a bell museum it is fairly large comprising an entire building with some exhibits outside. Room 1 is Archaeology of Bells. Rooms 2-6 are The Development of European Steeple Bells. Rooms 7 & 8 The Manufacture of Bells, their way from the Foundry to the Steeple and how to ring them. Rooms 9 & 10 Non-European Bells. Room 11 Bells in Art, Language aned Literature. I thought it was a great museum. It’s emphasis is church bells. About 5 years ago it was open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday thru Sunday. Their web site is: glockenmuseum@apolda.de

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