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      Hello! Thanks in advance for any info and opinions. Also my apologies in advance for any wrong terminology and the like. 😀

      I picked up a Maitland Smith floral ringing bell and am having trouble finding any info on it. I’d appreciate anything the folks here can tell me about it re: its age, value, any interesting tidbits. Thanks!

      I’ll attach photos, but it stands about 8 inches tall and the bell (skirt?) is about 5.5 inches in diameter. I believe it’s made of porcelain and I don’t notice any chips or cracks. Bell (clapper?) itself seems to have some wear and honestly, it doesn’t have a very nice ring as far as I’m concerned.

      That’s about all I know. Thanks again!

      Looks like my photo sizes are too big to attach here, so here’s a Flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/99831663@N00/sets/72157629371609804/

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      Hello Karin,
      Welcome to the ABA site!

      Very nice china bell you have there. The symbols of the lotus blossom, bamboo, and gold fish depicted in the decoration is very Asian mostly Japanese in influence. All are good luck type symbols. The blue white colors are a very old style, used from the 1700’s to today. Your bell looks to be about 1980’s ish. The wear on the clapper indicates that the material is not pure porcelain but a lesser material with an applied layer or glaze. It’s hard to tell from the photo (because the rim of the bell is out of focus) but I notice a yellowing discoloration on the underside of the bell skirt as well. It could be from the lighting, or something the bell was sitting on, or wear. If it’s wear then the bell is of a lesser material too. Only you can answer that, but I suspect it’s a lighting aboration – because of the company on the tag.

      Maitland-Smith Limited is a British Company, about 30 years old according to their own website (http://www.maitland-smith.com) but I suspect this particular page on the website has not been updated for a while. (I wish they would give actual dates but that’s all they said.) So the bell can’t be older than that. They are a design company in that they will do design work for their product lines (which is primarily furniture) but they import the final products from Thailand where they are manufactured. They also do accessories (like ceramic bells) in ceramics, metals and some stone, such as small statues, figures etc. Mostly in limited edition runs.

      Here is a small video in collecting blue and white ceramics, in case you are interested:

      We can’t give prices here, so you will need to look up other sites selling the maitland-smith products for a ball park number.

      Hopefully this information will be of some help to you.

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      Thank you Garry, that’s a great help! I’m much more educated now. 😀

      I’ll double-check on the yellowing, though I think it was my meager photography skills and the lighting. Really interesting about the clapper as well, plus the porcelain/glaze question, and thank you for the video. I’m glad to have found this site!

      Much appreciated,

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