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      Joan Elliott

      Bell Collectors of the British Isles will be attending the Ringing Roadshow (see earlier message) in September and have booked a table to display a selection of bells and hopefully spread the word about BCBI and ABA. This year the organisers have planned a ‘fun trail’ and are inviting exhibitors to participate.

      The idea is that participating exhibitors have a bell theme related game, fete type activity. Visitors to the show who wish to participate in the trail will be given a card which has to be stamped by the exhibiting stall holder after a game has been played. When the card is completed it will go in to a draw for a prize.

      We want to be part of the fun trail as it will encourage people to visit our stall and learn about BCBI and ABA, however the imagination for a game is a little thin at the moment.

      Does any one have any suggestions for a simple, bell themed game for our stall?


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      If there are bell exhibitors, you could try a “Treasure Hunt” where the participants would need to find various bells at exhibitor tables and get the exhibitor’s initial on their card. This gets people to look at the exhibitor’s wares and may lead to increased sales. Another game that is a social “icebreaker” is one where the participant has to get the signature of another participant who matches a specific feature such as birthdate, birth month, middle name or other interesting fact.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Joan Elliott

      Hello Harry

      Thanks for the suggestions. It will be interesting to see what the other stall holders organise. Perhaps I’ll join the trail and share the ideas on the board, or Bell Tower. 🙂


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      Rita Walker

      Hello there…..I just read your request. I have had in my bell files for about 30 years or so a fun-type paper and pencil game that has 27 questions, each of which can be correctly answered by using the word BELL somewhere in the answer. Would this be helpful? If so, please send me your e-mail address, and I’ll scan the copy and send it on to you.

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      How about something very simple.

      Use a tape recorder and ring 3 bells from the display.

      The game:

      Play the sound (ear phones / mp3 player?)
      Now select and ring the same 3 bells from a table of bells.

      Variation: Must ring in same order.
      Have more than one recording so that others watching can try too.

      I know it’s simple, but then even kids can play!

      Option 2: (less noisy)

      Trace the bell outline for a number of bells on a sheet of paper.
      Contestant must put the correct bell on the correct tracing to win.

      Option 3: (more knowledgeable)

      Have a selection of bells out with some Factoids that apply to only one of each (perhaps some distraction info good for mulptiple bells included if you wish).
      You must match the ‘factoid’ card to the correct bell.

      Good Luck!

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