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      I bought a very unique bell this week. It is a large hotel service bell. It has large claw feet and the base is a ball (softball size) made out of alabaster. The top is a brass service bell. Any ideas

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Yes, please tell us what kind of ideas you are looking for.

      Go to viewtopic.php?f=20&t=639 to find out what we need to know in order to help you identify the bell, presuming that’s what you are really asking for.

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      I am going to work on posting a picture of the bell. This is my first experience on this site or any site for that matter. I collect percussion and found a bell 2 years ago that I liked and I have been collecting since. I obviously want to establish approximate age and origin. The bell is very ornate and probably one of a kind. An antique collector friend said the ball is alabaster. We could not find markings. I will work on getting the picture into photo bucket.

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      Hi and Welcome to the BellTalk Forum!

      If you are having problems posting photos, you can email me the pictures, I can probably get them added to your posting.

      Also, you mentioned “I collect percussion and found a bell 2 years ago that I liked and I have been collecting since” — Are you a member of the American Bell Association International, Inc. If so, tell me a little about when you joined and the type of bells you collect. If you aren’t a member, but are now collecting bells I invited you to join the organization as a paid member as the way to receive our excellent magazine titled “The Bell Tower”.

      The Bell Tower, ABA’s bimonthly magazine, features illustrated articles about bells, announcements of bell-related events, and news of ABA activities. A brief outline and review of recent issues can be found at

      I hope you get some great responses to your question once your post photos! Please understand though, that this organization is an all-volunteer one and our members may not answer your question promptly. So please have patience.

      Bellfully yours,

      Rona Kesselman
      American Bell Association International, Inc.
      2011-2012 President and
      Internet Coordinator

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      Rona, I am new at this – in two + years I have collected over 350 bells – I started out with brass hand bells – but now that I am addicted and have become more eclectic – I still buy metal bells only – I bought 50 bells at an auction in Akron Ohio last weekend. I did not know your asociation existed until I began researching the Alabaster service bell. I am very excited that I came across this web-site. I will down load the pictures when I get home. I have questions about several other bells I bought last week – but I believe that the Alabaster bell is genuinely unique and maybe special. Thanks for your response – Jim

      Here are two photos of Jim’s bell…

      Rona – These new pictures are of the bell and its plunger. I took the afternoon cleaning the Alabaster under a glass collectors guidance. I also got advice from a friend who has one of the best mechanical bank collections in the Northeast. The buttons and cherub were glued on poorly – so we removed the buttons and cleaned off all the glue. Once we have a better idea of the specifics of the bell I will have the buttons and cherub replaced professionally. I think the Alabaster looks rich cleaned up. The Alabaster part of the base is 12 inches in diameter and is 3 1/4 inches tall. The bell with the service bell attached is 6 inches tall. The claw base is basically 8 inches in diameter. My glassware friend thinks Italy or England are two places Alabaster is seen in historical artifacts – but that was just a professional guess. Thanks for all your help – Jim

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