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      ovidiu oana

      I’m glad to share with you a wonderfull news: I win today a new auction!
      The matter is a new pcs in my bells collection, but a very old one antique crotal from Cyprus, cast in bronze during Roman empire in first century B.C.

      Few words about those times and place:
      In the Roman inland lake, which the Mediterranean had become, Cyprus had little strategic significance. In 22 B.C. after the general consolidation in the east, Cyprus exchanged its status from an [imperial]- i.e. under the direct administration of Augustus (Octavian) and under military occupation- to a [senatorial] province. Separated from Cilicia in 27 B.C., Cyprus was ruled by a pro-consul as civil governor. Its capital was still Paphos, -Augusta Claudia Flavia Paphos-, which had steadily grown in importance since the Ptolemies as a political and religious centre and, as a result of the silting-up of the harbour of Salamis, one of the major ports. Paphos, Amathus, Salamis, and Lapethos each formed and administrative region. With municipal autonomy, elected officials and a considerable degree of independence in religious and cultural matters, the island enjoyed greater freedom than under Egyptian rule. The -Koinon- of the different cities, which was still chiefly an institution for the advance of the cult of the Emperor and for the organization of games, like the Roman senate, had the right to issue bronze coinage.
      Thank you!

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      This looks really interesting though something that resembles I have seen online already and would not be surprised if this actually is the same piece. Considering how long it has gone in history, it would really be interesting to see what story is being held by such small pieces.

      I would also be interested in participating auctions like this nonetheless and hope that I could win some as well.

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      ovidiu oana

      Such parts are found with great difficulty;
      They are not very numerous and some are already in museums or private collections.
      Are very rare situations when you buy antiques from individuals and then announces first the auction to collectors.
      Website sales online announces auctions of pieces of older or newer, but often they are without historical value.

      I collect lately just pieces of historical value, or types of bells which have different typology, or those integrates in the overall picture of the evolution of bells in the last 7,000 years.

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