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      I picked this bell up at a local sale. The bell itself stands 3″, with the strap it stands 4 3/4″ tall. Across the bottom measures 3 3/4″ across. WHat was this used for? And any time frame on when it could have been made?



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      This bronze bell is an animal bell. The loop strap is probably a later addition and not original hardware. I have seen these bells mounted on a steel harp as “ConestogaWagon” bells. I don’t know who made it, but it dates to the early to mid 1800s. It is a cast bronze bell. It could also have been used as a small hand bell of the same vintage if there were a wooden handle attached.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I agree with Harry that the strap probably wasn’t original to this bell. Obviously, the leather is old and dried out. The leather may have torn and broken at some point in time. After breaking, the strap may have then been too short to go around an animal’s neck but the bell was still good (who can resist ringing a bell?) so the herdsman may have used what was left of the leather to create a loop that would still allow people to ring the bell. I have several animal bells with straps that are too short and look to have been broken off. Having grown up on a farm, I saw my father and grandfather practice many acts of frugality and ingenuity!

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