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      Here’s one like I have not seen before. For an animal bell, it is rather well made with some features I have never seen before. A lot, [and I mean a lot!] of work has gone into this bell.

      Vital Stats:
      Only the clapper and it’s staple bracket hold a magnet
      3 inches in diameter
      3 3/4 inches tall including a 3/4 “in tall bracket.
      Extremely rich Tan/Grey patina
      No markings that I can find.

      Unusual features:
      Has a “pommel” on top. I know that is a glass blowing term for where the blow pipe attaches, but it’s the best way I can describe it.
      The staple which holds clapper appears to be roughly a hexagonal nut shape (but very roughly cut, not machined!) with a spike protruding from it. The spike was fed through a hole in the “pommel” and riveted over to attach it to the bell. The clapper looks to be similar in design to hand made nails with a dome hat shape for the nail head and the tail end looped back through the staple. Banding grooves around the outside of the bell appear to indicate it was turned rather than cast. An unusual feature for a simple animal bell!

      Pommel has a second ‘starter’ hole in it, possibly where an initial attempt to start a hole for the staple failed. It does not go through.

      anyone out there have an idea of age or origin?


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      Addendum: On the other side of the bell, just below the pommel I found a number “7” stamped in it.

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