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      Hi Everybody,

      My grandmother recently passed away and on of the things given to me was a large solid brass bell that I loved to play with as a child. She told me that it had come from a real train but I’m tempted to believe that she only told me that to put a smile on my face. Anyway, I’m not planning on selling it but I’m just curious as to its worth. I can find no markings/emblems on it so I have no real way to figure it out and after much searching I was directed to this site for help. I’ve attached some pictures if they help.

      Here are the specs:
      11″ Wide
      14″ High
      approx: 80lbs.
      Painted red inside

      Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks everyone!

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      Your grandmother was right, it’s a locomotive bell. Perhaps another contributor with more knowledge in this field will provide additional information.

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      Thanks jackbell, and sorry for doubting you grandma! If there isn’t anybody who can tell me about this bell, could someone direct me to a website or price guide to research it?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      http://railroadiana.org/ is an excellent website and it has good information that could apply to bells.

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      This is a railroad locomotive bell from pre-WWII steam locomotive era. It may be impossible to identify the railroad and the type of engine unless there is engraving that would help identify the railroad. It is a beauty. I would not paint the inside of the bell. The steel clapper should be painted black as the cradle has been painted. This appears to have a flat mount which was common on several types of locomotives. The decorative brass ball on the top may be helpful in identification. I agree with Carolyn that Railroadiana may be helpful in obtaining further information. That is a website for collectors of railroad artifacts.
      Harry Long, MD

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