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      I recently obtained an interesting Brass bell from an online source.
      It’s 5 1/2″ high by 3 3/8 inches in diameter.
      Unfortunately the clapper has been replaced with a stuck on electrical wire and iron “pill” striker type arrangement.
      It is marked on the front “Anne Hathaway”
      It is marked on the back “Died 1623 Aged 67”

      I believe it to be a vintage tourist bell from Shottery (a village near Stratford upon Avon) where she was rumored to have grown up and is now a visitor attraction. (It’s unsubstantiated as to if true or not.)

      For those who don’t know, she was 26 when she married Shakespeare (then 18) in a ‘shot gun’ wedding while with child from him. Later added a set of twins from him, although the marriage was both controversial and strained. He apparently mostly lived apart and left her only a “second best bed” in his will.

      I paid just under $30 for it. Could only find one sale in the last couple years on line for two bells (one like this and another not described – no statement as to quality or condition of them) for $45 (for the pair). Nothing in the books so far, but similar bells, with complete clappers, were listed for $45 to $50.

      I often buy just for the history represented by the item so, while not ecstatic about the unexpected clapper arraignment, I decided to keep it.

      Out of curiosity though, in your opinion, did I do well or not on this purchase? Vote your opinion!

      Anyone else have additional history on the bell?


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