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      ovidiu oana

      1. This post is about the oldest bells found on Thracian Kingdom (actual teritory of Romania-East Europe, Hinova, Mehedinți County).
      They are five gold bells, hand made between 14,th to 12,th century BC. (see picture below)

      You can find them in The National Museum of History.
      each is 3,56 to 3.10 cm high;
      base diameter is 1,60 or 1.70 cm;
      Weight 11,1 g each

      The work art and details you can see in the other picture attached.

      2. Another very old piece is a bronze bell hand made in the same period and found in Somhid (actual Curtici Town, Arad County, Romania)
      it’s a stilised animal on a top to a very delicate bell with clapper (picture nr. 1)

      3. Not the same age, bul also very old are a Celtic bronze bell I have in my collection.
      It is a pcs. cast in 5,th or 4,th century BC, found near Danube river and used in Thracia in proto monney period to buy cereals or fish In Black Sea area.

      There are in Romania’s museums hundred of other bells discovered in Thracians area, all cast between 15,th to third century BC, reflecting a high art and a rich culture.

      Thank you all for visiting this page!
      The next post will be about Roman Empire bells.

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