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      ovidiu oana

      The Celtic empire once ranged across Western Europe, and their armies eclipsed even those of Rome. Who were these mighty people, and what became of them?

      Currently there are several theories on the origin of this population.
      if you want, you can find more via Wikipedia or from: http://www.essortment.com/ancient-celtic-history-21861.html

      One certainty is that during the first millennium BC, from 8,th to 3,rd centuries this population was active on the Lower Danube, the present territory of Romania and Bulgaria.

      It was an active period and trade exchanges were made in nature;

      a feature related to our subject is that the Celts introduced an alternative payment instrument, the object shaped bell, cast in bronze.

      I have in my collection one piece from those time:

      this time period is called proto Money.
      Have a nice Sunday!

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