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      ovidiu oana

      Used as a medium of exchange in Central Europe, Danube and Black Sea areaby Celts and local populations Circa 800-400 BC.

      The myth that the Celtic monetary system consisted of wholly barter is a common one, but is in part false. The monetary system was complex and is still not understood (much like the late Roman coinages), and due to the absence of large numbers of coin items, it is assumed that “proto-money” was used. This included bronze items made from the early La Tène period and onwards, which were often in the shape of axeheads, rings, or bells. Due to the large number of these present in some burials, it is thought they had a relatively high monetary system, and could be used for “day to day” purchases.

      Attached is a rare example of the wide variety of Celtic bronze Proto-Money, used as currency before the introduction of the coins in the Central and Eastern Danube region and the Black sea area by the Eastern Celts.

      I also have in my collection two such Celtic artefacts:
      – a bronze bell http://bells.zuavra.net/picture_view.php?picture=343
      – an iron bell http://bells.zuavra.net/picture_view.php?picture=579

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