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      My name is Andrew and I am here because I have recently been entrenched into “The World of Bells”. I am working on a large development and have been coordinating Bell equipment for one of the Buildings Towers. I have spoken with most Foundries and suppliers and have been narrowing down the possibilities. A Large 54″ Dia. Bell is one, a Westminster set of 4/5 another and a 12/13 Bells Carillion set a third. Another scenario involving the single large bell would be to have a “Jacque-Mart” figure swing and strike it.

      Does anyone know of any Potential Bells or assemblies? Looks like Nevada needs a Chapter in Vegas!


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      You may look at Van Bergen Bells in Charleston, SC, the Verdin Company of Cincinnati, OH, and Schulmerich Co, Sellersville, PA. They are the only three companies that I know of in the US that build Chimes, Carillons, and Bell Towers of the type that you are describing. There are several companies in Europe as well, including Paccard, Anency, France and Petit & Fritsen, Netherlands.
      Harry Long, MD

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      I do appreciate the effort of recommendations. In my efforts to dive into the world of bells, I have spoken with foundries and bell makers galore…
      Anyone that markets bells have had at least one call from me.

      I guess I’m still trying to find that perfect match and haven’t decided to settle just yet. Maybe also trying to find the price range in-between what Business’ Sell them for and would be willing you pay you or I for.

      I’m deciding between Petit & Fritsen, McNeeley, Stucksteed (sp?), McShane and some Royal Eijbouts.

      Still looking for an undiscovered option.

      BELLS (37″-52″)
      12+ BELL Carillion…

      Glockienspiel Parts…Gears…movements…DESIGNS????? DESIGNS???

      Becoming an Enthusiast here…



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