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      One of my favorites of my summer collection is this Twirler bell.
      4.5″ tall by 3″ diameter this bell sports an acorn on the top that you twist clockwise to ring the bell.
      Brass body, with plated brass bell and ironworks inside.
      The scene is of an 1800’s American deer hunt, two men, five dogs, and the stag running.

      I believe it to be an early 1900’s copy of an original late 1800’s bell though, simply because the scene is one that was rolled or stamped out of a narrow strip of brass.
      Unfortunately, rather than making a scene that completely wraps around the bell, they simply copied the same scene a second time. The second copy though ends 1/2 way down the gun barrel of the man shooting (it’s only the ‘first’ 2 inches of the original scene repeated) and appears to be poorly brass soldiered towards the bottom. Still a nice piece with some good quality brass in it and a great sound.

      I have included a shot of the inside (something rarely seen) so that the clapper / ringing mechanism can be observed.

      From my research, twirler bells seem to have started being produced in the mid 1800’s.

      (remember to double click the image to enlarge!)


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