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      I recently acquired an American Casting Co. Birmingham, Alabama #4 bell that had been rusting in a junk yard for years. I picked up some good information from the forum on this foundry. As stated in the forum, the yoke contains no date however, on the upright stands there is cast “1904.” It was mentioned that American Casting Co. operated from 1904 to 1919 so does this give the date range on my bell? I thought I also read that American Casting Co. operated during different periods so did they cast the “1904” in all the upright stands for a #4 bell? The elderly gent who had this bell told me he thought it dated to the ‘40s. Any information to share?

      Second issue is that the projection for where the crank attaches has been broken off. Any thoughts on restoring a crank on the bell?
      I tried 3 times to attach photos and gave up. Anyone interested in viewing the photos of the bell I described in this topic, please respond.

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