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      I am looking for Bells from the American Bell Foundry Company, Northville Michigan.
      Easily identified by that same lettering right on their yoke.
      That is NOT the American bell company…
      I seek a size 20; 24; 26; 30; and/or 32.
      Parts for any ABFCo bell would be interesting, especially a tolling hammer

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      Although this doesn’t answer your question, it is information about the American Bell Foundry of Northville, Michigan, sent by Neil. It may be of help to anyone who is looking to learn more about the company.

      American Bell Foundry of Northville, Mich.

      This firm was in business approximately from 1896 to 1920 and sold bells under their own name and also through catalogues like Sears and Henry Field Co. My memory is they made 4 sizes of dinner bells. You inquired about value. The last price I saw for a new one 15 3/4″ in diameter was $240 so I would think yours would be worth at least that much. — Neil

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      there is a 26 inch bell on ebay excellent shape for 1200.00 0n the bid

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      That 26″ ABFCo at that auction site is NOT excellent condition. Though the pawnshop owner claims no damage, the yoke has a major irregularity that has obscured the lettering and the entire word “BELL”. In addition someone took a spray can of primer paint and partially painted the exterior with a very bad coating and ignored the interior. The bell was not even dis-assembled prior to spray paint abuse! I doubt that it was even cleaned first! Such a shame to treat it so badly! The listing was posted repeatedly and did not sell at that price as of this date. I am just saddened that it was treated so badly by someone only interested in a dollar. I can’t imagine even trying to deal with a pawnshop.

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      I recently came across a large bell in the garage of my grandmother’s cottage (Gladwin, MI). It reads American Foundry Co. Northville, MI. It is a #22 and it’s got to weigh a few hundred pounds. I am interested in a value for this bell as well as finding a new home for it. Photos are attached for condition. Thank you…

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      Was looking for information on American Bell Foundry Company and saw your post. We live in Las Vegas, and the bell was brought here from Mississipi by my mother-in-law in the late 60’s early 70’s. She had a cotton and soybean farm in Clarksdale MS where this bell was for years. On the yoke is stamped American Bell Foundry Company NO.25 Northville Michigan. We want to move to Texas this year and don’t want to leave it here. Was wondering of its value and who would be interested in purchasing it. We had a reputable antique dealer come to purchase furniture and other items in 2010. She was interested in the bell but didn’t want to pay the price and said it was probably worth more than she wanted to spend. We didn’t know the value. Still don’t. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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        Hummer Girl. Since first posting this thread 8 years ago, I have purchased and sold and still own several ABF bells.
        I have yet to see a No. 25… a 24 and a 26 I own, never saw a 25
        A photo and detailed description would help accurately appraise it.
        Missing parts? Rusted?, Cracked? Repaired? Mounted? Restored? Marriage set?
        ABF have a design flaw allowing rust on the main bolt which is attached directly to the clapper clevis, not a “through bolt” easily replaced. Potential problem in wet MS, not so much in TX, I’m guessing.
        At worst $200-$300. Complete and professionally restored on new mount, dealers get $1800 for a “like new” 24″.
        How much one person is willing to pay at a certain time in a certain place is very hard to estimate.
        We’d be interested, but to get it from Texas to Michigan could cost as much as it’s worth…
        For more info, supply more details and photos.
        Good luck

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          I don’t know much about church bells..i own a church that i was remodelling into a house. It burned down.The church was built in 1902.The bell says American Bell and is about 40 inches in diameter..can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of what it us worth and where to sell it?It does have all the other parts as well and it does ring..thats all the pics i have at the moment.The red you see on the bell is not rust..its red sand from the bricks that it was covered in

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      Hello! We have a Northville Michigan brass bell that we just decided to part with. It’s a 24′ and I think the tuning is C. I can confirm that. We are in Haslett Michigan.

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