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      You can find more information about big bells at these Websites:

      http://www.TowerBells.org – by CSZ; provides

        general information about all kinds of tower bells;
        where to find carillons, chimes, rings, zvons and great bells throughout the world;
        specific information about St.Louis bellfounders,
        and about other American and European bellfounders who made carillons or chimes;
        specific information about tubular tower bells and their makers;
        and much more.

      http://www.allchimes.com – by the late Joe Connors;

        provides information about chimes in North America;
        helps chimers communicate with each other.
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      i have a bell and it doesn’t have all the parts ,and would like to put it into operation the bell is approx.17″ in diam. where would i get the part that bolts on the post and the part that the bell hangs on and a clapper ,thanks for any info.
      Bob Jones

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      It would be helpful to know what kind of bell it is. A picture or more detailed description would be helpful. If it is a bell that goes on a post, you may be describing a CS Bell farm bell. Replacement parts can be obtained from Prindle Station via the internet. Do you know whether there is a number on the yoke in the center?
      HJLong, MD

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      Willie B. Herd


      FYI: Check out Brosamersbells.com….great website, has audio ‘windows’ so U can hear some of the bells ring.
      Also, he buys and sells, but doesn’t do research…and charges $95 for an appraisal!

      Verdinbells.com is also a great site, Company has long history, and was shown on the program, “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel. 8) Also has audio ‘windows’ for some bells.

      railroadiana.org for Locomotive Bells, Lanterns, info, etc. Also has a search feature for names of RR lines.

      bellsandbirmans.com Mostly Locomotive, he also buy and sells bells…also sells yokes, cradles, spare parts, etc. Polishing services offered. EXTENSIVE INFO. ON ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIVISION LOCOMOTIVE BELL IDENTIFICATION

      Todd Lower of Lowerbells.com is very helpful and might be able to find a clapper for you…

      NAVY BELLS: spec DOD-B-24673
      You can download a copy of the spec for free at:

      Bells like this are also included in the 1918 Naval Artificer’s Handbook_Revised. It does not appear that old, but neither do my 1890 U.S. Navy bells.
      The 1918 version of the Naval Artificer’s Handbook is available for free download at:
      See page 174 for a 1918 bell diagram for a ship’s boat.

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      I’m not sure where you are located, but you might look around your area for a metalworker who has experience with bells. Making a clapper or supporting structure for a bell is right in line with what many metalworkers do. If you are doing a historic restoration, there are different considerations, but just to get a bell operational again, I have had good luck with metalworkers, and they really seem to enjoy working on the bells, as it’s something they don’t see every day.

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