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      Hey y’all I looked through your interesting posts to try and find some info on a bell I found. If anyone could tell me the use and/or approximate value of this bell I would appreciate it. The USA marked on the yoke is the only marking I can find. I have been over and over this to find some other marking, but can’t find any. Looks like the bell was black, someone sort of painted it brown. Think it is cast iron, magnet sticks to it and it weighs about 10 pounds. Diameter of bell is 8.25″, height 6″. Bottom to yoke to top of bell is about 12″ abd widest diameter of yoke is 11″. Only 2 holes for mounting instead of 3. Bell does have small chip on bottom. Bell seems smaller than info I’ve found for farm/school/dinner bells. Thank you! Deborah


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      Production of these started late in the 20th century. They are sold in gift shops and lawn and garden shops. They show up a lot on eBay. Not rare.

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      Thank you for the info! I’ll just put it up and enjoy it! This is a great site!

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear Deborah,

      That is exactly what we ABA members do with our bells! In my opinion, the value of a bell is not so much in its monetary value as it is in the pleasure it brings with its beauty and the joy it brings as I admire it, hold (or touch) it, and recall the memories that are connected to it. Bells also can be great conversation pieces. Sentimental value is priceless!


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