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      I am hoping that you can send me in the right direction. I have a friend
      > in poor health that has a collection of driving paraphernalia. He
      > realizes his family has no interest and he does not want to see his
      > items waste away. He has asked me to help him research the value of some
      > of his material so that it will hopefully go to someone that will take
      > care of it. He has a string of sleigh bells that was supposedly made by
      > E.G. Cone. The string of bells is original except that the strap has
      > broken at the very last bell. There are 30 bells in the string. They are
      > double-throated, chimed, brass and in the shape of an acorn. Can you
      > give me any information concerning them or know of someone that can? I
      > would be very grateful.

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