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      Robert Watrous

      I have a letter from J. L. Watrous on a letterhead of D. W. Watrous Bells and Toys, Acme Bell Rattles, dated Oct. 1st 1890, addressed to Mr. N. N. Hill. It says he’ll stop by tomorrow to talk about raising the price on some rattles. One interesting thing about it is that it is not David Watson Watrous, but his son J. L. that is writing to and going to N. N. Hill. Also interesting is that John Lazarus Watrous is the one talking about advancing the prices and he feels the market will bear the increase on a

      good 10c article

      . What were Acme Bell Rattles? Who was selling them? Does anyone have a catalog or a picture that shows these rattles? I’ve been looking for years and I’ve found nothing. I’d really appreciate any information.

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      Bob Watrous

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