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      I know that all our bell collectors from this site are well aware of having to check the provenance and details of vintage and antique bells, this isn’t really for you.

      Because I keep getting questions asked about ‘found antique bells’, this posting is more for those who are new to the field!

      I have seen quite a number of these smaller brass bells (sometimes also called Sarna bells) but more often just called small vintage bells.

      If you do a simple search on line for something like “bells on line” or “turkey bells” you will be amazed at the number of sites that actually sell bells like this brand new!

      You simply have to do your research! Just because it looks either simple or crude doesn’t mean it’s old!

      Another example of this is the famous Swiss Chiantel Fondeur 1878 bell. Yes, the mold for it was made in 1878, but these bells were so successful that they are being produced from the same mold today! So without a rock solid history, how do you possibly know how old it is? The mold has been sold many times since the company closed.

      So take your time, become informed, and talk to the seller – if they can’t provide provenance, and don’t seem to know much about the item being sold, then treat the claim of vintage or antique as only a suggestion – not a fact!

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