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      Dear Forum,

      I recently had two new clapper return springs replicated from one of the originals which was used as a pattern. The springs were made out of the same kind of “spring” steel with the same size specifications. The only difference is that instead of riveting the new leather pads I used neoprene self locking nuts and welded the tees at the center. My problem, once the new springs were installed on the bell, it still stutters. I did notice that the clapper rod was bent near the top which causes the clapper to nearly miss one of the springs. What are your suggestions regarding a remedy? If I have the clapper rod straightened by a machiniest would that prevent the stuttering? Also, should I just try to bend the springs back to different places until the annoying double rings stop? Any help appreciated!



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      You can heat the spring stems and bend them but be careful not to heat the wall of the bell. Try some kind of heat resistant materal to protect the wall from heat when you bend the spring steel. You could take the springs out and do it but it would be harder to judge how much to bend. If you bend too far the bell would not get struck at all.

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