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      Th El Centro Fire Department is in the process of designing a new fire station (our first in a very long time); and we are extremely interested in incorparating our original firehouse bell into the design.

      We realize that the chances of tracking down our original bell are slim-to-none, however a replica or similar bell will likely prove satisfactory.

      Even accomplishing a replica will require a great deal of luck.

      All we currently know is that the bell was purchased in 1912 and whatever might be discerned from these 1946 photo’s

      Not a lot of information, but perhaps someone out there has some insight.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      The first link shows the bell in realtionship to the fire house, and the second is a “zoom-in” of the bell itself.

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      Probably a cast steel bell, 36-48 inches in diameter. The yoke has the appearance of the American Bell Foundry Co of Northville, Michigan. They operated from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. Most firehouse bells hung stationary and did not swing. The rope fastened directly to a double-headed clapper. That’s what yours appears to be from what I can make out in the photo. Finding a stationary fire bell might be difficult but a regular swinging church bell can be installed and look and sound very good. Several American foundries made iron or steel bells and these turn up frequently on eBay (type “church bell” in the search) in every size. Bob Brosamer of Brooklyn, Michigan and Tod Lower of Toledo, Ohio are bell merchants also. Getting a replacement bell will be much easier than you think!

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      Thank You !!

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      todd lower

      The bell looks like it would be easy to match ,all you would have to figure out is the dia of the bell.I have many bells that would work .todd 419-350-7262 thanks

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