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      ovidiu oana

      I say hello to all bell collectors.
      I am a person interested in bells, having arround 320 pcs. after more than 12 years
      You can see each with his story at
      Here you can find a brief presentation of all my activity related to bells.
      Unfortunatelly, we do not have in Romania a Bell Association, but the future can solve this.
      I am interested to talk with interested persons.
      Good luck to all ![attachment=0:3ap49d9x]My bells.jpg[/attachment:3ap49d9x]

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      Hi and greetings to Romania,

      thanks for mailing the link to your very interesting bell collection. It will take me a few days to study the details and I am sure that many ABA members will contact you in the near future.

      I have made a similar homepage a short while ago and if you like to see the details of my collection you may do so under the following link:

      Looking forward to an interesting exchange.

      Greetings again from Germany
      Manfred Bicker

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      ovidiu oana

      Guten Abend Manfred!

      I find your page via ABA and I admired the pcs you have in collection.
      I hope I will find here friends, bells collectors and not only, changing informations.
      I am strongly interested in for the Bells Encyclopedia I wrote, to get more informations and to add its to the other 700 pages the book allready have.
      As for example, my next post here will be a dictionary related to bells in the languages I get from friends, from Internet or from the ambassies in Romania.
      Hope to keep in touch!

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