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      I’m in the process of moving my great grandfather bell collection. Such great history behind these bells. I look forward to sharing these bells with you when I get time. My great grandfather was A.C. Meyer. I’m finding his collection quite fascinating and have much to learn. Look forward to sharing and learning! ?

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      There are many of us still around who are aware of your great-grandfather, A. C. Meyer, or have heard his name many times. I think it would be wonderful if you would share photos and some history of his bells! The information that you have would probably make for a good article in the ABA’s bi-monthly magazine, The Bell Tower. Please give this some serious thought!

      To contact the Editor of The Bell Tower, send an email to coordinator@americanbell.org and ask him to forward your email to the editor. I encourage you to share your information and pictures of your great-grandfather’s bells with members of the ABA!

      Thanks for your consideration!

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      I would also would be interested in seeing posts of the bells. Did your great-grandfather keep a record of his collection? As I work on my collection, I use internet, books, and any other source to help me identify and add information to my catalog for my descendants. I am not the most knowledgeable collector to help you, but there are others in ABA who certainly can as time permits.

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      I would echo Carolyn’s thoughts.
      May I also suggest that you consider joining ABA, to provide continuity with your inherited collection.
      ABA members would appreciate this.

      Membership & Subscription

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      I own a copy of Travel Search for Bells by A. C. Meyer (1944). Your Great-grand parents used their travels to find both bells and bell collectors. Looking forward to your sharing of his bells.

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      I just finished reading your great-grandfather’s book “Travel Search for Bells.” Interestingly, it had a sheet of bells for sale by Stonecrest Antiques in Marlborough, CT sent to Mrs. C. W. Noren. At the time his book was published in 1944, he stated that their collection numbered 1500. What is the total now?

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