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      I haven’t signed up yet for the bell convention because I can’t imagine there is enough to do to fill four days. Can anyone tell me? Thanx.

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      You can stay as busy as you wish. There are 2 business meetings, numerous educational sessions, bell entertainment programs, buying bells, selling bells, a 1/2 day bell auction, networking and a lot of just plain friendship & fellowship. In addition, you get to see a different part of the USA each year. You don’t know what you are missing until you attend your first ABA Convention.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Byron, this year’s convention chairman, has sent some more details:

      I am forwarding on the photo attachment of the donation we are receiving from Rossi Glass (Canadian Company that sells bells through –on line). These bells will be raffled at the convention. We have some very beautiful and high quality bells in the raffle with contributions from Pairpoint, Zimmerman Art Glass, The House of Glass, and ABA donations of Ballantyne, Fenton, Hummel and other name brand bells. In addition, hundreds of bells will be on sale in the Convention Sales Room. Anyone interested in bell collecting, the absolute best place to acquire fine quality bells is at an ABA National Convention Sales Room or at the auction where Bill Martin will auction off over 300 bells.

      There is still time to register for the July 3-6 National ABA Convention in Broomfield, Colorado.

      To see the photo of the Rossi bells, click on this address:

      For information about the convention, click on this address:

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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      When I first joined ABA, my first guestion was the same as yours; “What would a person do during four days of convention?”, then attended my first conv. in 1995 at St. Louis, and discovered.
      Just HOW MUCH THERE WAS TO DO AND WHAT FUN ALL THE ACTIVITIES WERE! Plus discovered these bell people had lots of energy; since, they kept busy from early morning until late evening. As Harry Long stated; you can do, as much or as little as you wish – there are bells everywere for you to look at, learn about, puchase or wish you could purchase.
      Have attended 8 conventions since that time and enjoyed everyone plus made new friends and visited areas of U.S.A. that I probably wouldn’t have visited at another time.
      Hope you will make arrangements to attend and introduce yourselve to us.
      Bellyfully, Ardis Copple of the MN Chapter of ABA.

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      Thanks, everyone. I’m going to start saving now so I can go next year.


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      I’d like to say that Harry’s list was definitely right on target. In addition, most conventions also include bus tours, trolley tours, and even boat cruises to areas of interest. My first convention was in 1971 and, as a high school aged youth member, I got to tour New York City and even climb up into the Statue of Liberty. The offerings since have been pretty diverse. It’s a surprisingly friendly group and you do make lasting friendships which become an important reason to keep going back each year. I also have to add that almost every convention is held in a stunning luxury hotel that otherwise would be financially out of reach for most members but can be enjoyed by us all at a remarkably reduced convention rate. The meals that are included are first class banquet style meals. It all adds up to a very very nice stay. Once again, I encourage all the members to get their reservations made and to attend. Attendance is both fun and more importantly, vital to the Association. Hope to see you first timers and also all the returning members this year in Denver. Alan Anthony

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