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      Hi bell-folks… I am an artist and am looking for a set of seven bells in graduated sizes to use in an installation/sculpture type piece. I am having a hard time finding seven in a set that run from small –> large (they need to be of a size that one person could easily carry/play them – just a few inches in diameter, I am thinking?) I would be happy with a larger set as long as there were definitely seven I could use.

      Any idea where I could find this sort of thing? Maybe even a maker that has similar bells in various sizes? I would like them to all look the same (and wooden handles would fit my original vision!) but I can work around it if that’s not possible. Any suggestions for where to look or what type of bells to search for would be much appreciated. Thank you all very much!

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      If you are looking for tuned bells, try Schulmerich or Whitechapel. An octave will cost you a bit, but that is the only way you will find a set of musical bells that sound half way decent.
      Harry Long, MD

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