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      Here’s a bell given to me by a local antique dealer.
      He asked me to do some research on it for him.

      It takes a magnet and is about 6 inches in diameter. There is a marble inside, presumably to act as a clapper, but I have my doubts that it is original. The round holes are just about big enough to force it in. Makes more of a ‘thunk’ then a ‘ring’.

      My opinion is that this is just a decorative shape, more than a bell, for hanging in a porch or some thing like that.

      Am I out to lunch? 😉


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      I have one exactly like it that is painted red. These are relatively new and sold a Christmas ornaments within the past 10 years.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks Harry!
      You come through again! Wow! 😀

      It’s certainly light enough for that (but bulky don’t you think?), so I’d believe it.

      Any idea of value that I can give him?


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      Before you know it (a month or two), the Christmas catalogs will be arriving in our mailboxes and they will have decorative items such as this for sale in them. Since this is a fairly large bell, my guess would be that they would sell for about $10 – $12 USD. Some of them are painted to look old (rusty) and others have festive, seasonal colors painted on them. They are decorative bells and, although they ring, I would not call them functional bells. In other words, their purpose is as decorations.

      Yes, Harry knows his stuff and, fortunately, he is willing to share his knowledge with us all! On another note, you may want to Google his name sometime!


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