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      I have a 54″ Church Bell with all the parts. (Stand, knocker, wheel) It is in very good condition. The bell has no cracks and has been painted and set on wooden blocks to avoid corrosion. The parts have been stored indoors. I’d prefer to sell it locally to keep it in the Community since the Church it came from was torn down in the mid 70’s. I’ve been offered 4 grand but think it’s worth more. Any idea what a fair price is?

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      54″ from where to where, height or width? Whatever, that is still a big bell, not like those in Russia, but still big.
      What is it made of? Use a magnate to find out. If it sticks, it’s ferrous, iron, if not, bronze or brass.
      Any markings on it?
      These are all questions you’re going to be asked. If you are willing to put down $95 there is a company in Michigan that does appraisals, I think they are called Brosamers, or some such. A fast search on the computer machine will locate them.

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      If it’s a CS bell it’s cast steel, not bronze. It might be worth a few thousand more to the right buyer but finding that person could take forever. The market for huge bells is very limited. The buyer will probably have to spend a considerable sum to get it moved. Bells this size aren’t moved by a few guys and a pickup truck. If I had little or nothing invested in it and wanted it out of the way I’d take the four thousand.

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      This is the largest bell made by C.S. Bell. Because of its size there aren’t many of them available. It isn’t worth as much as a bronze bell. I would estimate about $1200.
      Harry Long, MD

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      hello, I am interested in buying your bell..please could I call you..please provide your number and best time to call

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