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      I’m trying to learn about fourteen 4″ NE silver bells I just received. I’d like to know how I find out the history of each bell; the grade of silver; the value. I’m not sure if they are a set, or individual bells. The only information I rec’d were two labels and I think they may be from two individual bells. The labels read as follows:

      NE The New England Collectors Society
      1986 Annual Christmas Bell
      “The Renaissance Angel”


      1987 Annual Christmas Bell
      “Angelic Sounds”

      Each bell has a serial number taped inside.

      Thanks to anyone who can provide me with assistance.

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      Hi, we have 12 of these annual Christmas bells ourselves. They are silver plated and each one comes from a different year, part of a 12 piece set. Unfortunately, more information is limited since the New England Collectors Society shut down in the 90’s. I’m thinking these bells ran from 1980 or ’81 to 1991 or ’92. Each came with a certificate of registration which states they are “serially noted, hallmarked, and registered by the New England Collectors Society.

      On a separate note, we take these out every Christmas and have lost track of which bell is which. We only have pictures for three of the bells that tell us what it is, though we have registrations for several more. I think my grandma threw some of the registrations away before my mom inherited them, though. If you know which ones they are associated with, we would appreciate that information.

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