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      Can someone please identify this bell? No markings on this thing other than a 4 on the yoke and a 4 just above the beadline on the side of the bell itself.

      Previous owner had it authenticated in 1938, to be a revolutionary era bell. That authentication said the yoke and clapper were not original.

      Since both have a 4 on them I would think they came together, but perhaps they just fit a #4 yoke to an older #4 bell?

      My research shows its likely a #4 c.s. bell, but the yoke has absolutely no markings other than the 4.



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      Additional photos

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      Cole: It’s an untrademarked CS bell. Enter “hillsboro” in the search (above right) for numerous posts. Some bells were trademarked with the foundry name, some with the name of a retailer, and some bore just the size number. The foundry did not begin casting bells until 1875. The yoke and clapper are original. The rope arm is not.

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      This looks really great though something that would likely be original in most parts. I don’t see the rope arm to be included in the list though.

      But I would most likely vouch that the yoke and clipper to be of authentic nature.

      The previous owner might have been wrong with the authentication or pieced together from another set is another possibility.

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      I concur that the “revolutionary era” authentication is totally wrong. Steel bells were not made by anyone until several decades after the American Revolution.

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