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      We recently removed a 1873 36-inch Jones & Company, Troy Bell Foundry Church Bell from our old church with the intent of placing it in our new church. The bell and stand are in relatively good condition except for some wear in the bearings between the yoke and the stand. I am sure there are other items that should be inspected and refurbished as well. We are located near Reno, Nevada and my online research shows only East Coast companies that repair or refurbish bells. Can anybody recommend or lead me to companies that are closer to Nevada? I am thinking that somebody in the San Francisco area must refurbish and/or repair bells, however on line research results in a blank. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      The closest ones I know of to you are Cincinnati and Milwaukee. There aren’t nearly as many large bells on the west coast as there are on the east coast and Midwest, so there is less demand for that service in the west. — Neil Goeppinger

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