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      Good morning–I have a 3 1/2 CS Bell possibly pre 1850 for it is CS Bell –wasn’t a company until after son joined his dad–it was made in Hillsboro Ohio–this bell belonged to my Grandmother-I am trying to get a value since I need to have upright and crank replaced. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      The American Bell Association does not offer appraisal services nor do we maintain a list of certified bell appraisers. Any responses given to a request for a value of a bell will be the opinion of the poster and is not to be considered an official response from the American Bell Association International, Inc.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I don’t have anything with me at this time which converts size 3 1/2 dinner bell made by the C. S. Bell Co to a diameter of the mouth of the bell in inches. Dinner bell sizes were not standardized among different firms. If you will give me the diameter, I will try to give you an estimate of the value. Also, over the years I have been contacted numerous times by people trying to replace a lost cradle to hold a dinner bell, so when I found some “new old stock” arms which mount on a square post and can thus be adjusted to fit different length yokes, I bought several of each size they had. I winter in Florida and the arms are in Iowa, but I could supply information on them when I return home in the spring. They were a little pricey, but way cheaper than having a new cradle cast to fit a bell. — Neil

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      I see it’s been awhile since you have posted here. But I have just acquired a “cs bell” “hillsboro o”. Yoke says 3 1/2 in center but bell says 4. I’m just wondering if you have learned anything about yours yet?

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      You have a very rare bell, you didn’t show a picture of the upright if you don’t have the 3 1/2 upright its going to be near impossible to find a post mount upright to fit your bell. I have been collecting dinner bells for years and I was fortunate enough to find a 3 1/2 that was all original a couple years ago. I have a post on the large bell forum with a picture of my 3 1/2, I know they were still selling the 3 1/2 in 1910, through the C.S.Bell catalog for $12.00.I was also asking if anyone had additional information but I have not gotten any responses. You may get more responses if you post your question on the large bell forum?


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