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      I have # 26 C.S. bell. The interior of the bell is stamped with the number 5 13 30. Does anyone know what this number is??? Thanks.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Well, you’ve got two unusaul things here. First, the raised numbers cast into the interior of the bell. I’ve never seen those before. It could be the date it was cast – May 13, 1930. It is a “later model” bell, so it could have been made in 1930.

      Second, at 26″ this should be a school bell and it should have a thinner wall to make the high “dingy” sound of a school bell so people would not confuse it with a church bell, BUT, it’s got the tolling clapper attached to the stand normally used on church bells. I wonder if one of the stands got broken sometime and someone substituted a set of stands from a 30″ church bell? Both those items are unusual. — Neil Goeppinger

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