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      Our Church of Scotland in Bermuda will be celebrating it’s 300th Anniversary in April, 2019. I am trying to find out the history of this bell to give to the Anniversary Committee. I have submitted a picture of the bell and can provide additional pictures if required. Thanking anyone in advance who can assist me in my research of this rare bell. Roger

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      Ephraim Force was a brassfounder in New York City in the first half of the 19th century, appearing in city directories at various addresses from 1807 to 1848. He was joined by his son Cornelius B. Force in 1836, and the names “Force & Co.” and “Force & Son” appear briefly in the city directories. But Cornelius died in 1848, at the early age of 33, and Ephraim retired then. While Ephraim and Cornelius were only described as brassfounders in the alphabetic section of the various city directories, they were categorized as brass and bell founders whenever such a category was used in a city directory. A handful of their bells are known to exist, some dated and some undated.

      It would be helpful to have closeup photos of the inscription on your church bell.

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      Thank you for your prompt reply. I have attached two pictures showing the inscription, if you are unable to read the inscription clearly, I will try and take better pictures under different lighting. I am seeking advice on another matter, you will see the general condition of the mounting etc. is not good, I would like to install a DC Toller to reduce the mechanical ware and tare on every part of the bell ringing, but maintain the rope pulling in the event of an electrical power outage. The bell is being rung 20/30 times every Sunday at 8:00 am and 11:00 am, at weddings and funerals. Thanks again for your assistance. Kind Regards, Roger

      My pictures are exceeding the file size for uploading, can I send them directly to you?

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        The maximum file size you can upload is 512KB

        The simplest website for resizing that I have found is …

        Browse to where your picture is located
        Select your picture
        Click Open, image will upload to picresize website
        Click Continue
        Leave all default settings as they are
        Scroll down to bottom
        In step 4 “Save As” – enter 512 in MaxFilesize box
        Click I’m Done, Resize My Picture
        Click Save to Disk
        Click Save File, this will save the resized picture to your Downloads file
        You will find the picture renamed as rsz_original name

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      My eddress is on every page at http://www.towerbells.org

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