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      ovidiu oana

      What is this review about?

      – 42 new bells added to the collection; site has received 1933 visitors from 58 countries, 12,672 people have browsed pages during 2010;
      – 20 articles published on the American Bell Association, Main Site | Board index ‹ Discussions ‹ General `Bell Stuff` Discussion
      – An evening presentation into a romanian national daily newspaper;
      – I set up the facebook group “Find me a bell” which joined 42 people from around the world;
      All this and with your help.
      And I’ll continue to post here about the bells history.
      Thank you!

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      What wonderful news, Ovidiu! You are truly a bell ambassador to the world! The articles that you post are interesting and informative. Thank you for choosing the American Bell Associations “Bell Talk” Forum as a place to share your research.

      Does your Facebook group tell people about the American Bell Association and point then to our website? We would appreciate your help in raising awareness of our organization. I know the Bell Collectors of the British Isles are interested in helping other Europeans form ABA Chapters. That’s hard to do if people don’t know there is an organization for bell collectors worldwide.

      The world map picture you posted is hard to read (I realize you made it as big as you can). What do the words tell us?

      I, for one, appreciate all the work you do and share with us!

      Many thanks,

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      ovidiu oana

      Hi Carolyn and thanks for all your appreciations!

      Yes, I am connected also with some bell collectors from all Europe (Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherland, Russia and -of course- Romania) and we went to rich ABA and into the future to create an European branch, or to organise events .

      My ”Find me a bell” group friends are finding datas and/or pictures about bells from abroad and I add this informations to bells encyclopedia.

      Hope to have a better 2011!

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