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      Hello everyone
      First time entry.
      We have a Gillett & Johnston Croydon, brass bell dated 1915. We have search all over the web and cannot find any place to get historical information or value.
      We had purchased an old post office and converted into a Retirement Residence. This bell was in the tower.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      In order to answer most of your questions, there is much information missing such as a picture of the bell, weight, dimensions, whether the mounting brackets and wheel are intact. Several of our members who are experts on large bells should be able to give you information about the founder of the bell, but value is dependent on the above information.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Complete records of all bells produced by Gillett & Johnston have survived. Write to me offline ( and I’ll put you in contact with the holder of those records.

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      I now have a picture of the bell. It is 27″ highx 32″ wide at base in 18″ wide at top. I need to figure out how to attach.
      If interested in bell, please email at
      thank you

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      I hold records of all G&J bells. Hopefully, to identify your bell, I need the serial number which should be found on the crown (top) of the bell. It should be a number between about 2900 & 3000.

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