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      Larraine in Somerset writes:

      I have a brass bell date stamped on one side ‘1827’ and on the reverse a motif of dragon surrounded by dolphins. The bell is 5.5 inches high and 5 inches in diameter. Can you help me identify it? Thank you

      If you can help, please post a response.
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      It appears to be a nautical bell, and the shape is European in design. The seal most likely represents the foundry. That is all that I can offer at this time. I have not seen another like it.
      Harry Long, MD

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      I have the exact bell it was bought at a antique store in the 70’s did you ever find anything else about it? please let me know.
      Thanks, Michelle

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      I was very interested to see these posts. Although the posts are aged, I thought I would make known
      my own observations for the record. I recently bid on, and won an almost identical bell, the only
      difference was the date, my own is stamped 1824 with a grifon or dragon on the other side.
      There appears to be quite a few variations available regarding the mount, besides the popular
      Anchor there is also a brass ship/Galleon mounting. The circular stamp of a Grifon or Dragon may
      suggest its origin was the far east/Orient.
      What these dates commemorate 1824/1827 etc does certainly not appear to be the dates the bells
      were made, although the maker would like this to to be thought the case.
      I snapped my own up quite cheaply, but a bell (1824) identical to my own, was sold recently
      on a well known auction site for £185. It appeared to be “dressed up” mounted on a wood panel
      and weather aged; as was suggested by another seller that was also selling the identical bell.
      The bells are seen to be sold Green with age? or highly polished.
      There is a site called Ali-Baba which lists many many companies in the far east that manufacture all
      kinds of goods (mass production) In it’s listings there are many bell makers that produce just about
      any type of bell you would want. When I get time I will be searching through to see if I can find some
      clue to the the origin of these bells.
      I would be interested if any other members of the forum could throw any light on these bells??
      In the meantime “Caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware.

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      12th Oct’2011 20:08

      As a follow-up to my last entry, there is currently another of these bells (1827)
      for auction on a well known public auction site with a couple of hours to go. It is being
      described as ‘King George 111’ period and very very rare, and the dragon motif
      on the other side of the bell is laughably said to be associated with the ‘The Dragoons’ ??
      The bid on the bell has shot up to £1550.00 How gullible can people be ? these bells are
      definately NOT rare, they appear to be coming out of the ‘wood work’ this particular bell
      has materialized in N.Ireland. It would be wishful thinking to think my own bell which is
      identical with Dragon motif, and three years older date stamped 1824 could be worth more.
      Any offers out there??
      Best wishes

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      Ihave same bell (1827)in ammaculate condition. I have been offered £1k for it, do i accept?

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