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      I can’t figure out how to put additional pictues up so I am just starting a new thread. If you know anything about this bell, or have seen anything like it before, I would appreciate a response. My brother bought this bell from the Catholic diocese in San Antonio in 1974. It was going to be scrapped as it has two big cracks in it and had been in storage for decades. We think it may date back to the Spanish Garrison Hospital at the Alamo. Let’s see if I can get this site to work.

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      I am not even going to try to put another picture up. I have a bunch of high resolution photos which I would be glad to share via e-mail. RobinAlex@gilanet.com There is no point in trying to put them up here. It weighs 190 pounds and is cast bronze. It has been heavily used, with two cracks approximately 2″ long on opposite sides of the bell where the clapper would hit.

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      Hello Fourlix,

      This bell is most likely some type of Spanish mission bell. There are many bells that look just like this all along the pacific coast in the missions with many being cast in the late 1600’s to early 1700’s. Like your’s, a lot of them have cracked after century’s of use. These bells are unique because they were cast right on site using materials that were found right where the mission was being built. Even though this bell is cracked and doesnt have a voice anymore, it is a significant part of both bells cast in America and the South American move north up through TX and California.

      Thanks for posting……very cool!

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      They can be repaired by a good brazer and the sound restored.

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