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      I’ve recently encountered a bell that is marked 1754 – Weight is 66 lbs. I am searching for anyone who can offer assistance to identify the maker or provide information as I am not knowledgeable on bells … but learning!

      Additional information –
      The bell must be brass as a magnet does not stick – the cage portion on the top of the bell is magnatized as is the clapper

      The bell is 10″ tall and the bottom is 12″ across

      There are 7 raised rings around the bell – the top band within one set of rings is where 1754 mark is found

      The cage on the top was added as it appears the top mount original to the bell was broken off

      This bell belonged to a 95 year old gentleman that passed it to his granddaughter – Her grandparents were antique collectors; it is not known where the bell was acquired by them.

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      The general appearance is similar to a Paul Revere, but he did not start casting bells until abour 40 years later. His mentor, Col. Aaron Hobart cast bells earlier, about 1767. Thus, this bell probably came from England, as I do not think that anyone was casting bronze bells in America in 1754.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thank you for the information …. I appreciate your time and knowledge.

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