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      this is a test to seee if my post comes up, this is the 4th try.I have more images to show.

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      This bell has the appearance of a Meneely Bell with the rings around the bell. The rings were also used by McShane. It has been sand blasted and has lost some of its sharp design. The bracket is unusual and appears to have been repaired with bronze in the lower parts at the bearings. The bronze cap at the crown mounting is also unusual. Perhaps, Neil Goeppinger will be able to more accurately identify its manufacturer.
      Harry Long, MD

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      There was no repair done to the bell. What you see are two dark pvc removable pipe sleeves . Please look at my other post for more pictures of this bell. The bell as shown weighs approx. 140 pounds.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I looked at your other photos of your bell and it has some unusual characteristics. First, the yoke wraps around the bell itself and appears to actually touch the top, shoulder and side of the bell just below the shoulder. This is the first time I have ever seen this. Second, the top of the bell seems to have quite a bit of rise from the shoulder to the center of the top of the bell. I can’t tell for certain if the bell has a cone at the top which goes into a cone hole in the yoke, or if it has a rectangular tang which matches a similar hole in the yoke. It appears to be a round cone and that there might be a cross pin of some sort. What appears to be the end of the cross pin may only be a heavy rust area. The whole yoke appears to have become heavily pitted from rust at some time in the past.

      I compared the reed placement and count to other U.S. bells and could find no match. From this I suspect this may be a European made bell. — Neil

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