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      My name is Nick.
      Thank you for allowing me to join your great site and seek assistance with my bell.

      I have had this bell for years, it was brought in NYC by me from a fellow that had no information on it.
      And thought it was time I tried to attempt to ID the Maker, it’s possible use, or the Coat of Arms depicted on it.

      It is a lovely bell, well patinaed with the date 1687 and the writings ” Iesvs and Maria ” ( the Latin names for Jesus and Mary. )
      A image of The Madonna with child showing Angels placing a crown on her head is on one side
      And a beautiful Royal Coat of Arms or Family Crest on the other side.

      It is approx 12 inches by 16 inches.

      Perhaps someone on this great site can help me identify the past ownership of this Bell.

      Thanks again, Nick.


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      Nick: A photo of the bell’s interior is important.

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      More pictures.

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      More pics, Sorry.

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      Nick: It appears to be genuine 17th century, probably cast in one of the Catholic countries of Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland). Learning it’s history will probably be next to impossible but most likely used in a church, convent, or monastery.

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      Hi Jackbell.

      Thank you for the reply and input.
      Maybe someone here can help me with identifying the Coat of Arms/Family Crest.
      From the looks of it, it seems to belong to royalty or a very important family.
      Not certain if anyone here is familiar with Heraldry?


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      Willie B. Herd

      Nick, I agree it’s genuine 17th Century…..and used in a religious context.

      I’m guessing from Spain or Portugal, the formee cross depicted in the top row of letters, etc. is also used in the coat of arms, and is a possible clue to its origins. (The formee cross is assoc w/ Eclesiasties, usually mounted on the top of a staff, and also used on top of a King’s crown in most chess sets.)

      Have U tried searching the web for a coat of arms site??? 💡 (Try Wikipedia)

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