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      I have a 15 inch brass train bell that sits on a homemade steel cradle. The bell is in tune of D note. There are no markings on it but it is very old. It was on a one room school here in town but since time has buried its history I am not sure of which school The high school burned in 1929 and there is an old pic of that school and the bell atop was larger and had stands and wheel. In the 1940s either the old salvaged bell or a replacement was put atop the rebuilt school. In the fire the bell fell 40 feet to the basement and I cannot believe the thin wheel would have not got broken but the present bell is intact. It is a no 30 steel bell with no name on its yoke. The school was closed and it now resides at Forest Churchyard. If anyone has info on unmarked train bells of this size, please enlighten me. I will say that its yoke is iron with a big iron ball about 3 inches wide mounted on top of yoke. I do not have a way to post a pic yet.

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