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      I have a Farm Bell that is stamped on the yoke “Crystal Metals”. The mouth is 15-1/4″ wide. Can someone tell me the approximate value of this bell? And if possible how old it might be. Thanks, Larry

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      Hi Larry,
      Is it possible to get a photo of the bell? Inside and outside, showing any markings and features. Also, does any part of it hold a strong magnet? Can you tell what it’s made of?

      Unfortunately, We can’t do valuations, as it’s almost impossible without researching it in detail and looking at the area you wish to sell it in. All that plays a part and any evaluation would be no more than a very very rough guess. Best to look at similar items on e-bay etc. and watch what they sell for (not what the asking price is).

      As an example, I just picked up a very nice brass singing bell, approx 7 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep. Heavily carved inside and out, even has the rubbing stick! Ideally it would be worth over a hundred dollars where I live. I got it for ten, it has a hairline crack in it that was almost impossible to find – I only knew about it when it didn’t ring properly! It wouldn’t show on a photo. Imagine if we had ‘valued’ it here! There is no way this would have been caught and I would have been out many dollars!!!

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      There were reproductions in the 80s with USA on them and crystal metal on them too. The older reproductions inside had no part line The newer reproductions had a part line inside of them. Also China are making them with fancy floral design on the lip and they are very thin. They even put the clapper up higher in the bell so it will not hit too hard due to the thinness of the bell These are bad about cracking and have a tin can like sound. Not a good job at all. The older ones were thick at the lip but these are paper thin..The clappers are not round but come to a point unlike tradational farm bells. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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