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      Hello everyone, I’m new to this site and I hope you can help me out. I recently acquired a steam locomotive bell from ebay, said to be from the last Erie railroad steam locomotive, according to the seller. Other people posted on the ebay listing, that it more likely came from a New York Central locomotive. I’ve done some research and found some information but, I would like to see if I can find out exactly what railroad and possibly what locomotive it came from. The bell has a few different numbers stamped on it, and the yoke has some markings as well. I also have some pictures that I’m going to post below. The mouth of the bell is approximately 14″ and it has a pneumatic ringer. Well, I think that is as much as I know for sure. Any information anyone can add would be greatly appreciated.
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      This is a nice example of a steam locomotive bell.

      The cradle is of a distinctive style, one favoured by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR or “the Pennsy”). The numbers stamped into the bell may well be locomotive road numbers. It would appear that it was attached to several different engines over time. Some research into the PRR engine numbers could assist to identify the engine(s).

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      Willie B. Herd

      It’s considered a dual-action bell, it could be activated by the pull-arm, or by compressed air.The #’s on the top are locomotive ID numbers, Not sure about the # on the side, they may also be a Locomotive ID #. So this bell was used on at least 2 Locomotives.

      The B and A may stand for the RR Line….search these @ railroadiana.org I’m guessing East coast…Baltimore and ? or Burlington and ? OR possibly the foundry name. Check for #’s on the clapper. Also search RR Locomotive pics, and U may find the ones it was used on. Good luck!

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