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      This bell is cast Greenberg SF CAL inside. Red paint inside.
      14 inch base, 10 inches tall (not counting stem).

      Due to the weld, is it of historic interest, or should we consider it as scrap?

      Thank you.


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      When you ring the bell, does it sound good or is there a thud?

      I wouldn’t think the weld would give it any historic value. But, others may differ.

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      It rings very nicely. Apparently the weld was a good job.
      What I meant was, Does the weld destroy the historic interest. Sorry it was unclear. It is a good looking and sounding bell, but the owner asked me to add it to our scrap pile. It seems to me that such a piece of americana ought not be so cavalierly tossed out.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question. I would think the repair would lessen the monetary value of the bell but, of course, it wouldn’t be below the scrap value. Personally, I don’t like to see any bell scrapped. The inside of the bell seems to have its original clapper, which is good.

      If you haven’t done a search for “Greenberg bell” on this website, you may want to. There is some interesting information about Greenberg bells that you may like to know.

      Let’s hope someone who knows more than I about Greenberg bells offers an opinion!

      Good luck,

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      In addition to the weld, the clapper is not original. All of the repairs detract from the value, but it is still a nice bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Please remember this..our treasured Liberty bell is cracked and don’t ring. This piece is never scrap and please don’t do that. Its a historic relic whether its famous or not. It part of history anyway. Whether it rings good or not, it was around when many of us had not been born. I would mount it in a good place and be proud I had it.

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      With the red paint inside, the plain outside, the size and the general shape, I would guess that this was made to be a railroad bell.

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