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      Found this side while trying to research a bell I recently purchased. It’s a clay/terra cotta bell, 10″ diameter at base and 12″ tall. Appears to be older from the condition of clapper and type/condition of the string holding it. Was told by the person I purchased it from that it was approximately 100 years old, but no way to verify. I’ve attached pictures of the bell, some pictures have a tape measure in them to show height/diameter, thickness etc. I can not find any external markings or signatures on the bell.

      I bought the bell because it reminded me of several that I looked at a few years ago. I was working on a golf course country club house renovation and it was done in a southern mission style. The front entrance had a bell tower and three small windows, in which we installed some vintage bells that were bronze. The style of this bell is similar to the ones we installed in shape and size and the tone of the ring reminded me of them. Now it’s sitting in my office while I figure out what I want to do with it.

      Thanks for your help and time.

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