Thank you for your input. I have restored the bell to it’s operating condition when it was being used on the railroad. I machined new parts that were just plain corroded past usefulness. I also machined one part that was missing. I polished the tarnish off the bell, but kept the original machining marks on it and any dings it received in service. I rubbed the bell down with die-electric silcone to remove any deep down tarnish and to bring out it’s bronze look. This will also slow down the tarnishing process.
I did sand blast and repaint the yoke and cradle. I am building a solid wood stand for it so I can display it in my living room. With a drawer to keep the original parts in I replaced. No way will it go out side. Eventually I would like it to go to museum as I have restored it to museum quality. I was not really interested in its monetary value, but in its historical correctness.
I like the look of your bell. I am looking for a ships bell to do the same thing with. It is hard to find old ships bells though. Thanks again.