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Hi Carolyn,
I can’t thank Jackbell enough for answering my questions and even giving me a ballpark dollar value. And your thoughtfullness by including a picture as an idea of what to do with the bell for displaying.
I am a builder/cabinet maker by trade. I already had an idea as to what I planned on making (as a ground style bell tower) for our church….however, after having looked at the pic you sent, I am now re-designing the entire project with a combination of my thoughts and your’s.
I hope Jackbell read’s this reply, because…Diane (my wife to be) and I were thinking about selling the bell and giving the money to the church….or make the bell tower as your picture displays. My point to this is, his info was meant to help the church…not me. If we can’t make alot of money for the bell, then we display it. I will draw up a proposal for the church on what I plan on making… and include an artist’s rendering of what it will look like. If the church gives me a green light on this project….you will be hearing back from me.
I will save this site and article on my favorites…if all goes as well as I hope it will, you will hear back from me in the spring.
Hopefully, I will have attached pic’s of my idea (and your’s) to present to you.
A thousand Thank you’s to you and Jackbell! God Bless, Steve & Diane