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I concur with lucky13’s appraisal of the probable origin, but the correct spelling of the name is Blymyer. It’s often misread because the lettering in the shield-shaped panel at the center of the yoke is so small that it’s easily made illegible by rust.

The Cincinnati Bell Foundry Company first appears in the Cincinnati city directory for 1885, with the following text (in fancy fonts!) included in a quarter-page advertisement:

“The Cincinnati Bell Foundry Co. / successors (in bells) to the / Blymyer Manufacturing Co. / manufacturers of / Bells for Churches, Schools, Fire Alarms, Court Houses, Factories, Boats, Farms, &c., / 664 to 694 West Eighth St., Cincinnati. / Catalogue with 1500 Testimonials sent on Application. // D.W.Blymyer, President. S.W.Skinner, Treasurer.”

I haven’t yet found when the Blymyer Manufacturing Co. was begun, nor when they started manufacturing bells – a small sideline to their larger business producing steam engines, sugar processing machinery, etc. But there were Blymyers in Ohio at least as early as 1860.

Nor have I found just when the operators of the CinBFCo became Blymyer, Norton & Co. (abbreviated B.N.& Co. on their bell yokes). But it was some time after 1893.

The shape of the bell (especially the shoulder and top) and the shape of the yoke are characteristic. I have not found exactly those shapes on any cast steel bells that were clearly made elsewhere.